terça-feira, outubro 09, 2007

Patriotic Affinities

When does one know if it’s more than a fling? More than a physical attraction? More than just the solitude that eats us inside out playing tricks on us?
So you’re in love with another girl that doesn’t love you back the same way but still controls you and doesn’t want to lose you to someone else…
When I first met you, the timing wasn’t right because you wanted to live it up. Now, you lived it up and it backfired in your face, leaving me with the exact same answer: I can’t and don’t want a serious relationship. I don’t want to hurt you.
Have you stopped to think that not taking a chance on me hurts much more? I got no chance at all. A 21 year old kid got your heart. For the moment at least. Time waits for no one and that includes me. I can’t sit and wait for happiness to find me. I must go out on a limb and try to embrace it myself. Maybe I’ll fall face down in the dirt. Well, it isn’t a first and for sure it won’t be a last.
Maybe, it’s all about patriotic affinities….