terça-feira, junho 17, 2008

Midas’ Touch

Everyone knows the tale of the king that wanted everything that he touched to turn to gold. Only after his wish was granted did he understand that his greed had condemned him to unhappiness for he could not eat his at his feasts, read his books or caress the one’s he loved.
The story I’m about to tell you is similar in format but not in substance.

Once upon a time there was a little fox that lived in her lair and was often sacred of leaving the safety of her haven.
You see, this fox although young in age, was terrified of everything because she had been ill treated for many years and now spent her days licking her wounds and struggling to survive.
One day she decided to ask some friends for help and, slowly but surely, one paw in front of the other, she started to leave her refuge. Aided and encouraged by her friends who “had her back” she strolled a little bit further each day. The fox felt a mix o fear and thrill augmented by the terrain she gained each day. It felt like winning a piece of “no-mans land” during a war against herself…
How she adored her friends. One in particular made her feel so safe that in his presence she would wander far away from her den and feel ecstatic!
But just like the King, she wished for more than she could handle and one day she was left all alone miles away from home. She felt lost, alone and terrified and called out for her friends for hours…
She roamed for days through forests and fields and just couldn’t bear the loneliness.
One night it was pouring and the fox rolled herself up under a stone trembling, wet and crying… She thought of all the friends she had and wondered if they missed her and if they were worried about her. She recalled all the days of fun and laughter when she jumped around the fields with them doing silly things and giggling ‘til her stomach cramped with pain and breathing became difficult. Ah, those were the days!
The memories gave her strength and in one last effort she crawled from under the rock and decided to try to look for home. It had stopped raining and the full moon was out spreading light all through the plain.
She looked around and decided to go east. Any direction would do. She was lost! But something told her it was that way.
She had only walked for a few miles when things started to look familiar… That was it! She was near her lair! She sprinted forward and, not only found the den, but all her friends were camped at her door waiting for her. She was so happy and relived to see them! They told the fox she had been gone for weeks and that they thought they’d never see her again.
Suddenly she looked around and noticed that her special friend wasn’t there… She asked the reason of his absence and a friend told her that when they told him that the fox was lost he said he hadn’t the time to look for her…
The fox was in shock. She felt a stabbing pain in her gut and tears rolled up in her eyes. Furthermore, she discovered that all those weeks she had been running in circles not far from home.
From that day forward the fox learned that, as much as she trusted a friend, she would never let him or her lead her to harms way and that the love she had for someone may not be the same amount that that person loves you…
Just like Midas, she got too ambitious and ended up alone and miserable.
So, now she must learn to love what she’s got and ask for nothing more.

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Maria do Carmo Cruz disse...

My dearest, what a beautiful text! I know that you wrote it with your own blood and tears, that you tore some flesh and left it around, but you expressed your pain in such an impressive way that my heart is still moved.
Peace will come and I truly believe that expressing yourself like this will help you. Thank you for sharing. Kiss you, Ouma

Marta disse...

Quite right!
Love and share, but just enough...
Trust your heart and mind...
As you said, love means to love the faults too - be aware of it and deal with it with the right amount of love and tenderness.
Come and have a drink with me...

BC disse...

Like the others i'm going to write
in English too.
I liked your text very much,but go
Life is good,but we have to believe
on it.
we have to fight sometimes, but the star is in the sky always!!!!

RENARD disse...

Querida Ouma:

É verdade que este texto custou a "parir". Mas engraçado foi ter tirado conclusões ao lê-lo que não estava a pensar quando o escrevi. Acontece-me amiúde. Dessejo inconsciente de resolver problemas pendentes, suponho.

Uma grande beijoca

RENARD disse...

Martinha (Espero que não se importe que a trate assim):

Compreendo quando me "avisa" a dar de mim mas deixar sempre uma parte para trás. Já dei tantas vezes tudo e saí magoada que aprendi a lição, tal como me parece, aconteceu consigo.

Vai um Iced Tea???


RENARD disse...


Tem tanta razão quando diz "go on"... Como que me dissesse para sair desta e andar para a frente. Enfrenta-o e, de cabeça erguida,diz-lhe que já não precisas dele para sair da toca!
Quem me dera conseguir. Quem me dera ter a certeza de já não precisar dele...
Preciso de mais tempo para resolver esta amálgama de redes encruzilhadas que tenho dentro da cabeça... Mas algum dia há-de ser, n'est pas ma amie?

Beijinhos e sorrisos tribais...

Marta disse...

Hoje preciso mesmo de beber um Ice Tea....
Até já
Beijos e abraços

Fátima André disse...

Se calhar para mim vai um cafézito, pode ser?
Com uma boa companhia :)))