sexta-feira, março 24, 2006

Once and again...

You e-mailed me yesterday. You talked about what and where and in few words said everthing and nothing.
How does it boil down to this? One day you promise me the world, the next you drop it upon my shoulders.
It's difficult to swollow the happiness that you seem to exhale. It's not fair and to me it's ironic. You finaly got exactly what you were planning from the very beggining.
I was just a confortable mean to an end, wasn't I? A family away from home? A shoulder to cry on? A life to live with?
But still I ask myself... Why do I still give a damn? Why can't I just grieve and get over it?
You're not worth the tears or even the thoughts. You aren't worth a damn thing.
It is said that every dog has his day... Maybe someday I will have mine too...
But then again, I can't really believe that because people that don't deserve it get it easy, while those who try to live a decent life and be a decent person get screwed over once and again...

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