sexta-feira, junho 09, 2006

Though i walk through the Valley of the shadow of death...

I still encounter good souls. Souls that would have been my friends lifetimes ago. But now they pass me by like spirits in their own world, not even knowing i exist. Or not even caring about the person that is laying on the street asking for a helping hand just to get up on their feet.
Some even tread over him, and don't even say their sorry.
I float above their heads watching them live their lives and time goes by.
A mere observer. That's what i am. A vouyer.
I watch and judge. I re-live what i did lifetimes ago and mock the mistakes they're making and feel, like my own, the pain that is coming their way.
The good souls. Oh, the good souls, those are the ones i thrive upon. I love watching as their goodness is ripped away from them and they are torn to bits by the crows.
It's delicious to see how the crows peck at them and leave them with no eyes in their sockets. And I watch as the man who sold the world, laughs with full lungs 'til tears fall down his face and he grabs his stomach for it aches because of how much we laugh about the the naive people and the poor minded. The fools... Free will... HA. HA. HA.
God's ultimate joke!

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