terça-feira, fevereiro 28, 2006

No faith in Mankind..

We live a life of unbearable solitude unless we make friends and try to meet people. The problem occurs when u don't seem to find interessting human beings and even the ones that normally surround u are fake and self-absorved. U try and try till u're exausted to fit in and nothing seems to make the wheels of time move faster. U're in a sweet calm slumber for some odd years in your life only to discover that maybe it's not worth living. I'm 25 and feel as if i'm 70. Time is at an halt. It's like u're the only one moving in slow motion. Life goes on around u and u're left in a semi-comatose state and it seems that everthing is moving but u. Until, EUREKA, u think u got it all planned and all mapped out... Then the rug is pulled from under u're feet and u fall with u're ass on the ground. All peolple surround u with a look of pity in their eyes and tell u to be strong and get up but your legs subside and u crawl instead of walking tall.
I'm trying to get up but the weight upon my shoulders keeps pulling me down. My knees are scrapped from dragging my weary body along and trying to survive one day at a time. That's what everyone have to tell me... Take it one day at a time and things will get better. I trusted those words once only to discover that it gets better to only get worse...

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