quinta-feira, abril 27, 2006

Just a clown

Why don't people understand me?I'm I that complicated?I know I am to myself, but towards others I'm as blunt as possible. There's no bullshit in me.
I seam to scare people away. Or I'm to intense or I'm to shallow. I just don't know. My mind functions at the speed of light, maybe I should slow down when I try to explain myself to peolple. Although many of the things I say might seem opposite to each other, they're not.
I'm just like this. I'm a mixture of emotions and I don't hide or filter them. What I feel is what I say with no censureship. And still people find it so hard to find their way into me. WHY? I am what I am. Pure and simple. Am I that difficult? Or am I not worth the effort to even try understanding?
I often hear:
I understand, I can relate, I think your absolutely great!!!
Then, their actions are exactly contrary to what I need, want and to what I am.
They don't understand me, pure and simple.
Or am I sending out mixed signals?
I just don't know.
Sometimes I think I should just stick to the shit and sex talks so that people can evaluate me from there.
Just a pure and simple clown with nothing underneath!
Just a clown.

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