segunda-feira, novembro 13, 2006

Virtual Crush

The other day my mom asked me if I would move away from Leiria if I met someone over the Internet and fell in love with him. I said no, but it dwelled in my mind. I've always been all for love and doing what's needed to encounter it. But could I put my professional life on hold for a virtual crush?
I really do have one, but he doesn't seem to see things the same way I do. Although I think we go together like honey and bee's. But he never asked. I presume it never even crossed his mind. He lives a solitary life and enjoys it. Who am I to disrupt that?
And then again, can't the crush be platonic? What if he isn't all he seems to be? what if the distance makes us cling to one another?
Why doesn't he think of moving here? The distance is the same as are the risks...
Better just forget it... I'm heading for another heartbreak...

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